your creativity and immerse yourself in a universe where you craft your anime characters and explore boundless possibilities.

Enter the World of Gacha Life

With 20 distinct characters at your command, create a thriving community that reflects your imagination.

Forge Your Anime Community

Curate the perfect looks for your characters with an array of dresses, accessories, and style options.

Express Yourself Through Fashion

From elegant dresses to formidable weapons, your characters are ready to conquer any challenge

Arm and Equip Your Creations

Embark on unique experiences in Studio mode, interact with characters in Life mode, and master mini games in Gacha mode.

Dive into Diverse Modes

Compose captivating anime narratives by giving life to your characters' thoughts through thought bubbles

Craft Stories with Studio Mode

Immerse yourself in the lives of your characters, engaging in daily tasks, challenges, and meaningful interactions

Live and Interact with Life Mode

Challenge yourself with a variety of mini games, where skill and strategy lead to rewards that drive your character's journey

Gacha Mode: Game On

Enhance your experience with Gacha Life Pro, granting unlimited gems, unlocked modes, and an ad-free environment

Upgrade to Gacha Life Pro

Embark on an adventure filled with creativity, community, and countless opportunities. Download Gacha Life and shape your own anime universe

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